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Echoes of the Kingdom

It had been a long, tiring day. I was exhausted but invigorated.  As I made my way through the bustling crowd, all waiting for a coveted table, I blinked hard. Was I really HERE? I looked around at the hipsters drinking … Continue reading

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Eli’s Story

Four years ago today our sweet, silly, artistic, sensitive, curious little Eli entered the world. I think that all mothers probably take time on their children’s birthdays to reflect on the details of their births (or adoptions); at least I … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot died this morning at the age of 88. For those of you who don’t know her, she was a writer, speaker, and missionary whose husband’s death was portrayed in movies like “At the End of the Spear.” She … Continue reading

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My Confession

I feel as if I should start with a confession:  I absolutely cannot keep my mouth shut.  Not when it comes to particular things.  Bring up a topic like God, the Bible, politics, or current events and you will have … Continue reading

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The Question I Keep Asking

There are things in life that can only be known when you experience them in your own skin–feel them down in the depths of your own bones.  Things like that feeling of absolute certainty that the person kneeling before you … Continue reading

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God of Our Fathers

Southeastern Missouri.  That’s where we took our boys, all packed up, and drove last weekend to bury my husband’s grandfather.  He was the last of our grandparents still living…the first “Harry” of three. Years ago he made his living as … Continue reading

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